Weights and Measures

I weighed and measured myself this morning. I think MTAE is right, and we should not be scale-obsessed. There’s other indicators of success that are just as – if not more – important. Though, too, I agree with Kim in that weight IS an indicator to be paid attention to. To balance both philosophies, I’m going to weigh in every Sunday, and measure monthly.

My darling husband thinks we should all post naked progress pictures of ourselves. His heart is in the right place, even if he IS a dog. Eh, I’m going to think about the best way to approach progress pics. In the meantime, this is the data I’m going to maintain:

Weight = 153 lbs (dammit)
Chest = 39 in.
Waist = 32 in.
Hips = 37.5 in.
Thighs = 24 in.
Arms = 13.75 in.
Calves = 13.5 in.

Meh. How’s that for keeping it real? Here’s my goals:
Weight = 130 lbs (-23)
Chest = 36 in. (-3)
Waist = 28 in. (-4)
Hips = 36 in. (-1.5)
Thighs = 20 in. (-4 ea)
Arms = 12 in. (-1.75 ea)
Calves = 13 in. (-.5 ea)

There. That doesn’t sound too extreme, does it? I mean, weight is an easy thing to set a goal to work toward, but whatinhell should my freakin’ calves be? I have no idea.


2 Responses to Weights and Measures

  1. Kimmothy says:

    Actually, I’m rescinding my earlier thought of weighing every day – at least at this point. Since I started weighing in on Sunday, I’m going to try to wait until next Sunday to do it again too. Right now it has to be about getting into and sticking to a routine and if we manage to do that, I know the weight will come off. For now, I just want to fit into my clothes again.
    Good idea on the measuring; I’m going to do that too.

  2. I think weighing weekly is good, but my wife does it daily and I get a report.
    I remember her attitude when she was knocking off .3 or .5 pounds everyday for weeks…then she had a tough couple of days and the 12-15 she lost was forgotten because of the 1.5 she regained. You FB people, if you look,will see that my wife is pretty thin…especially for thwapping out three little ones.

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