Daily Goals

Water – 64 oz (and deplorably shy of that as of noon today)
Exercise – 20 minutes of Shred
Calories/Nutrition – 1200 calories, currently kind of on track despite the Wendy’s Calvin just brought home for lunch.
Worst thing today: Holy HELL work got busy today.
Best thing today: A new participant here at NBAI, getting our gang’s goals together, feeling supported and happy!
Notes: I might not get to the exercising today, which kind of bums me out. Work is nuts, my SIL is looking for some edits to her brochure, and I need to go to Costco to get stuff to feed my team while I’m training them tomorrow. Sorry, do those sound more like excuses than reasons? (Updated at 2:03 MST to add: Woo! I Shredded and work be darned. And now I’m shakin’…)


4 Responses to Daily Goals

  1. jadesymb says:

    let the team starve. :p

  2. Kim says:

    I like the daily goals, but I feel like it might take me a few days to get my shit together enough to start posting them. I’m doing good to be walking upright after two days of shredding.

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