Kicked: One Ass

Alright. This is not going to be an “All Shred, All The Time” website. But the 30 Day Shred workout is so significantly ass-kicky that it’s going to merit an entry or twelve, by each of us who are committing ourselves to this lunacy (I’m looking at you, Kim).

Let’s see if I can get my shaking arms to cooperate long enough to type this.

I thought to put on my heart rate monitor before I got started this afternoon – after 24 minutes (there’s a warm-up and cool-down part of the program) my HRM says I burned 275 calories (at 5’4″, 153 lbs*, 35 years old – which I will be one month from Saturday – apparently these stats matter for calorie burn calculation). Of course, for all but five minutes of that time, I was outside (read: WAY outside) my target heart rate (135-155), with my max topping out at a whopping 191 beats per minute. Now, that CAN’T be healthy for you, can it? But I’ll be blessed if I can figure out how to slow down my heart rate, while still keeping up with that Nazi woman.

My nutritionist (who is also a competitive body building coach) always says that a person can gauge their level of fitness by the time it takes them to recover from a hard workout.

Bwa. Bwa ha. Bwa ha ha.

For a dead person, I’m surprisingly ambulatory.

Hey Kim, how are you at those side lunges with anterior raises? Because I gotta tell you, they’re HELL on my knees. I just end up doing wide-stance squats instead of the side lunges – I can’t get the form right and I’m going to end up doing damage. Also, WTF, the bottoms of my feet burn like a mutha while squatting and doing those punches. What’s that all about? I’m getting better at bicycle crunches, but I hate push-ups with the white hot burning passion of a thousand suns. And I doubt that’s ever going to change.

I’m not planning on doing this every day – I’m of the school of thought that muscles need a day of rest in between strength training workouts, to give them a chance to build up. So at this second in time (which can change without warning) the plan is to alternate a day of shred, a day of cardio, etc. If I can HANDLE it. Which, at the moment, is questionable.

Okay, I stink. I’m off to shower. (You’re welcome.)

(*Hah. When I first typed this entry and hit “Post”, I’d originally put in my weight as 133 lbs. How’s that for a subliminal slip-up?)


3 Responses to Kicked: One Ass

  1. dyskinesia says:

    Hey – mental note here, didn’t you fark up your feet something wicked the last time you were doing this thing? WATCH OUT FOR THAT!

    Stretch every 10 minutes or something – CAREFULLY! Get out the glass bottle, roll the feet! Harbinger of Doom, sqwak, sqwak!!

    Okay, no really, be careful. šŸ™‚

    • Laura says:

      ~grin~ Yeah, it made my Plantar Fasciitis act up, but I got these heel seats to put in my tennis shoes and they work so great that I bought a pair to send to my sister, too. Plus I’ve been using the frozen water bottle to roll my feet on at night. And stretching my hammies often, though I’m still so tight I’m practically crippled.

      You’s got a good remembery!

  2. Kim says:

    Okay, please don’t laugh at me. Not only are those Christing things hell on my knees (and I’ve never HAD knee problems – YET), but I’m finding the hardest part is getting up and down off the floor the whole damn time!!! Methinks I need a yoga mat though. I thought my area rug would be sufficient, but that hardwood floor underneath it is trying to kill me.

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