Breaking routines

Wow, I’m really excited we already have so many friends already joining us in this awesome, but sometimes monotonous, mostly very painful journey. When I guessed it was a topic near and dear to many of our hearts (and asses), I guess I wasn’t wrong. I love reading everybody’s stories and maybe it’s the voyeur in me, I don’t know – but it makes me feel like I’m less alone in this struggle when I know there are others out there going through the same thing.

With that in mind, can anyone tell me, anyone, when it will be that the 30-DS will stop making even my hair hurt? I know it’s only been two days, but last night after some much-deserved veg time on the couch, I went to stand up and almost fell down. Brian didn’t laugh at me, probably because I’d asked him to watch me go through the Shred just once, so that all my bitching to him would be justifiable. Or at least understandable. He politely declined when I asked if he wanted to try it with me, which is probably a good thing, as my floor space is sort of limited. He was helpful in correcting my wrists for the punching, since I totally hit like a girl. I don’t want to hit like a girl anymore; I want to hit like Jillian.

Here’s another question. As much as I hate love the Shred, I’m sure after a period of time, I’m going to want to integrate different work-out DVD’s into my life – and I’ve never done anything before this. Does anybody have any they can recommend? I’ve noticed an exercise On Demand channel that I see Bob Harper has a show on (what, does the Biggest Loser have a corner on the entire exercise market?), so I’m going to check some of those out too. I’m thinking anything is a cakewalk compared to Jillian Hell, but maybe I’m wrong. God help me if I am.

Lastly, here’s something else that’s been nagging me for a few days since all this madness started. It’s that most wonderful time of the year again when everyone is gearing up to go on their awesome summer vacations. I know Laura’s is coming very soon, and God willing, I’m hoping to go to Florida next month. And I’m already nervous thinking about not so much the eating temptations, although of course there will be those too, but breaking my routine. I know it’s possible to exercise while you’re on vacation, but how realistic is it? I don’t want to be a month or six weeks into my health kick only to sabotage it for a week. And what’s getting me through this initial part of this is the fact that there’s not a whole lot going on right now so it’s easy to keep a daily regimen. I’m all about the routine and I know for me, it helps me to create this habit by making it as regular a part of my day as sleeping is.

So what do you guys think – are you planning on “being naughty” while on your trips? Are you going to try to fit exercise in as a way of off-setting all that fabulous vacation food? Because in my mind, part of the fun of being on vacation is the break in ALL your normal routines; isn’t that the whole point? I’m a little freaked over this; can you tell? I mean, it’s not as if Jillian won’t fit easily into my suitcase and wherever I’ll be I know will have a DVD player. The question is will she come OUT of the suitcase and make it into that DVD player. I guess only time will tell.


9 Responses to Breaking routines

  1. crisitunity says:

    I lost about 20 pounds doing a Kathy Smith aerobics DVD, the Timesaver Workout. (I did it five times a week, and got sick to death of it, but it worked.) I think the DVD is out of print but used copies pop up on Amazon from time to time. I’ve never tried Jillian, but Kathy’s great.

  2. Whiskeymarie says:

    I did the “Caribbean workout” kickboxing DVD and I really liked it. It’s pretty cheesy, though, but it got the job done. I still mix it in when I need to feel different muscles.
    I didn’t start feeling better doing the 30DS until about 5-6 days in. But then my energy was through the roof. Not only would I do the workout, but I would walk to work and take the 200+ staircase on the way there, or I would bike to work, or I would do a ton of extra crunches & arm exercises, etc…

    Keep at it, girl. By day 9-10 I was feeling AMAZING and seeing real results. I started again today- not as hard as the first time I did it, but after 3 or so weeks, still pretty hard. And I’m biking to work. If I can walk tomorrow it will be a miracle.

    And I always cheat on vacation, food & exercise-wise, but I try to at least stay active and make good choices for meals like breakfast & lunch so that dinner and drinks won’t be TOO terrible.

    • Kimmothy says:

      Oh, you have no idea how excited it makes me to hear that. I was hoping that after a week or so of this it would not only get a little easier, but that I’d start feeling some actual energy again.
      I’m wondering too when the right time is to move to Level 2 – I’m guessing right around the time Level 1 stops making me consider suicide?

      • dyskinesia says:

        Haven’t done it, haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t go to level 2 until not only is suicide out of the question but you actually think to yourself “hey, this really isn’t bad.” (Somehow I just imagine Level 2 to be so much worse that you’d consider suicide by spork. But didn’t someone say they actually thought 2 was almost easier-feeling than 1 or did I dream that?)

        My nutritionist says try to be good 90% of the time, which means you’ll probably be good 80% of the time. If you’re not wretched for at least 10-15% of that extra, you’ll be fine.

        As far Jillian coming out of the suitcase while you’re on vacation, by what WM says up there, it sounds like it will matter most how long you’ve been into it and how much energy you’re feeling. If you’re feeling great, probably won’t be as hard to drag her out. Tell your friend when you go; she’ll be SUPER supportive, and the kids will love to try it with you and see how hard it is and be all super impressed at your coolness that you can do it. 😉

        Beyond the 30DS though, any exercise that gets your heart rate up is good. Get out of bed and just do the lame old aerobics thing of lifting your knees up one at a time and arms over your head for 15 minutes. If there’s one thing I’m good at with a body that’s gone to hell, it’s finding SIMPLE ways to exercise.

  3. Laura says:

    Here’s the thing. When you’re on vacation, you need to be able to enjoy yourself. If you restrict yourself too much, or beat yourself up with guilt over not exercising or eating the “wrong” things, you’ll resent your health and fitness goals. You’ll remember with negativity the fact that you had to “deprive” yourself while you were on vacation. So, here’s what you do. RELAX. Walk when and where you can, find active fun things to do while on vacation. Eat any darned thing you want, just in reasonable amounts. Then when you’re back home you can re-establish your routine with a refreshed mind and sense of purpose.

    For instance, I know when I go to Chicago to visit Heather we’re probably going to end up doing a lot of walking. And dancing, probably – depends on how many shots I’ve had. 😀 I won’t go hog wild with the overeating, but I WILL have that slice of real Chicago style pizza, and I WILL get a dog at the ballpark. It’s fresh produce season so I AM going to go nuts with the fresh fruits and veggies.

    Same with when Calvin and I go on our road trip. There will be a LOT of walking everywhere, and possibly hiking. I’m going to eat any damned thing I want, INCLUDING DESSERT if I want it, just small portions. I’ve taken into consideration the fact that yes, I probably will gain a few pounds. But pounds put on in a week of over-indulgence will be taken off again in a week of re-bandwagoning – as opposed to pounds that have crept up on me over the course of years. Those are more “permanent” pounds that are harder to take off.

    Anyway. Sorry to get all soap-boxy. Hope this helps!

  4. Kimmothy says:

    You both make some really good points and I do feel much calmer. I think because I’m at the very beginning of all this, I’m all shaky confidence-wise (not to mention muscle-wise) and I’m just really nervous about screwing it up. If I could learn to just relax a little bit and not freak out, it would serve me well in all areas of life.

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    Kim – you want to hit like Jillian, or just hit Jillian? 😀

    I pretty much agree with Laura’s philosophy on vacations and related weight gain. Luckily for me, I splurged during my trip but now it’s over. Mostly looking forward to a routine-ish summer from here on out.

    • Kimmothy says:

      Funny you mention that, because during each work-out, I DO entertain thoughts of hitting Jillian! Except for the fact I know she could kill me with her little pinky. Toe.

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