Daily Goals

Water – 80 oz (I’m on my 2nd 32-oz cup, so no problemo today!)
Exercise – 30 minutes elliptical (Level 3, dammit! I succumb to peer pressure.)
Calories/Nutrition – 1200 calories, and I’ll try to track on SparkPeople but it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. I’m also going to try to meet my servings for fruit and veggies today.
Worst thing today: Ate a metric ton of chinese food last night for dinner, paying for the sodium today. Also, work is STUPID.
Best thing today: I officially scheduled my sabbatical! It’s on the books, no turning back now, boss…
Notes: I powered through 30DS last night and actually made it all the way through the routine without stopping!


Exercise: I laid off the walk this morning because my legs needed a breather because I suck.  Also because I stayed up too late and therefore I suck.  Probably too damned hot to walk tonight, so I’ll at least do the Rock Band workout ™.
Nutrition: Missed breakfast at home this morning (running late) so had a pack of PB crackers at work instead.  Not so great.  Hopefully I’ll eat dinner before 8:30 tonight so hopefully I don’t snack on chips before dinner like last night.
Worst thing today: Besides missing the walk, which really was probably a good idea for my calves and toes, it’s the caffeine headache sneaking up on me.
Best thing today: Uh, can I use the phrase “it was an, uh, alternate workout that made me run late this morning” without getting into trouble with my wife?  She says I can say that.  Woohoo!
Notes: I’m pondering how to add to my exercise routine, and how quickly to do so.  Hmm.


WATER:  64 OZ.

EXERCISE:  How many calories does bitching and complaining burn per hour?

WORST THING:  Car not starting.

BEST THING:  I am still breathing.


8 Responses to Daily Goals

  1. Kimmothy says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding on what my daily calorie goal should be. I have no clue how many are burned during the Shred, but since I’m trying to actively lose weight right now, I’d really like a smart number to shoot for – do you find 1200 to be good for losing?

    • Taoist Biker says:

      The average daily diet is about 2000 calories, so anything below about 1500 combined with some exercise generally results in weight loss. Your mileage may vary, of course.

    • Laura says:

      1200 is the low end of my recommended intake range, which is 1200-1550 per day. I’m trying to really discipline myself to get a jump start, hence 1200. To calculate what your approximate range should be, there’s a good tool here.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    There. Let’s see how this whole adding-to-the-daily-goals-post thing goes. 😀

  3. Laura says:

    TB – YOU DO NOT SUCK. Just how fit do you think you’re SUPPOSED to be, right off the bat?

    • Taoist Biker says:

      You’re kidding, right? I’m a guy. Ideally I’d feel like if I needed to push my car home from work and then go three rounds with Tyson before bedtime, I could pull it off. And if not, well, I’m not supposed to admit it. 😀

  4. Kimmothy says:

    Thankie for that calorie link – going there now!
    I didn’t know we could add to the daily goals either; that’s exciting!

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