Daily Goals


Water: 64 oz
Exercise: 30 minutes Elliptical L3. I’m “scheduled” to do 30DS but it’s That Time, during which abdominal exercises are a bad idea.
Calories/Nutrition:1100-1200 – only 250 have been consumed thus far, AFTER lunch, so hmm. Might make my goal today! Let’s hear it for appetite suppression due to cramps! (TOLD ya this was a TMI friendly site!)
Worst Thing Today:Had to hit the ground running on work related stuff. OH DEAR LORD, vacation can’t come soon enough! Plus I have laundry to do and grocery shopping and ACK it’s 11:30 and the pets haven’t been fed and… and… and… Send. Calgon. In. Desperate. Need. Yeah. I’m kind of stressed out today.
Best Thing Today: Rechecked the math (for the millionth time) on our vacation budget and savings goals, and looks like we’ll make it! If we spend NO extra money between here and the end of July, that is. Flagstaff/Sedona last weekend was the Final Splurge.
Notes: I’m recalling anew, after a weekend spent drinking and eating WAY too much, how much better my body feels when I treat it right. Also, because of the weekend activities and aforementioned That Time, I’m skipping weighing in this week.

Water: Um, yeah, drinking it when I’m not dodging it falling from ye skye.
Exercise: Didn’t walk this morning as it was raining.  (And it was Monday.  Ungh.)  First day back in the gym this PM:  30 minutes of cross-trainer.  If I survive without blurred vision, possibly another 30 minutes.  We’ll see.
Calories/Nutrition: Protein shake for breakfast.  My out-of-town meeting provided lunch.  Turkey & swiss on a croissant with mayo and lettuce, an apple, bag of Lay’s, a brownie, a single Reese’s, a fun-size (“fun?”  Fun-sized should equal huge, not tiny.) Kit-Kat, and a single Starburst.  I like this meeting.  Dinner is still negotiable.
*Worst thing today: Frickin’ heat and humidity.  Holy frijoles.  Good thing I don’t have hair to poof out, huh?  Oh, and the protein shake that tasted like wet dog.
*Best thing today: Good lunch with good colleagues I don’t see often.  Very nice.
Notes: See the *?  That means I’m reserving judgment for whether the gym goes under best or worst.


Water: I’m doing much better with it, but I still only usually manage a little over 32 oz. Trying for 64 though.
Exercise: Starting Week Two of Hell on Earth…I mean 30DS
Calories/Nutrition:1600 – So far it’s around 470, so shouldn’t be a problem.
Worst Thing Today: After a chore-filled weekend, I was freakin’ EXHAUSTED when I woke up this morning and I know it’ll be a bitchfest to stay motivated the rest of the day.
Best Thing Today: Work has been nice and low-key.
Notes: Very happy about being able to button yet another shirt today that I couldn’t wear a few weeks ago. Every time that happens, it’s a great reminder that all this stuff pays off.


5 Responses to Daily Goals

  1. Kimmothy says:

    My Princess Time should be coming any day now as well and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to it about as much as a pencil in the eye. I don’t blame you for sticking to the elliptical today!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    “Princess Time?” 😀 That’s a new one for me!

  3. Kimmothy says:

    Yes, thanks to you I’m a total WP convert!

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