Daily Goals


Water: 64 oz (sucking down green tea, that counts, right?)
Calories/Nutrition: Breakfast – coffee, yogurt, and apple. Lunch – cottage cheese, sliced chicken breast, cucumbers in basalmic and olive oil. Dinner – roasted chicken, broccoli. Snacks – watermelon and strawberries, V-8. According to SparkPeople, that all totals 1,144 calories.
Worst Thing Today: I think I was a sucky wife to Calvin yesterday. Wish I was making it up to him instead of at work. Boo. Also, Ed McMahon died. Who’s handing out the Publisher’s Clearing House awards now? (My cubicle neighbor suggests Jack Black, which sounds PERFECT to me.)
Best Thing Today: Things are quieter on the work front. That might just be the calm before the storm, though.
Notes: I didn’t end up working out yesterday, I just felt like crap. So today I’m going to try to fit in a walk around the campus AND 30 minutes of elliptical L3 tonight. Also toying with the idea of bringing our bikes with us on our road trip, though it might be easier to just rent some when we get to Wyoming.


4 Responses to Daily Goals

  1. Kimmothy says:

    I hope your weather is more pleasant than it is here. I just had to run out really quickly on an errand and the 20-ft walk from my office to the car had me cursing. Another thing for me to look forward to in the Fall – the option of exercising outside again!
    Those cukes you’re having for lunch sound yum.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Aw, Ed McMahon died? Not that it’s a huge shock, just a bummer.

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