Daily Goals


Water: Yes.  Coke, no.  For now, that’s a victory.

 Calories/Nutrition: Protein shake and blueberry pomegranate juice for breakfast again.  I’m plowing through the utterly vile “cookies & cream” protein powder so I can sooner get rid of it and buy a vat of the merely mostly vile “chocolate” flavor.  PBJ for lunch.  Dinner remains to be seen, but maybe something not so diet-friendly like hot dogs.  I already nibbled a couple of little Dove candies, but I’m not too bummed about it.

Exercise: Planning on hitting the gym after my late-afternoon trip to the dentist, provided I’m not feeling too funky.  It should just be a quick novocaine job.  I don’t speak to people at the gym so my face being all droopy or rubbery on the right side shouldn’t be an issue.  As long as I don’t start drooling on myself.  That might make sneaking a peek of some bouncing boobs a little more problematic, eh?  (Oh, and for the record, if the girl on Monday didn’t want peeks sneaked, she could have worn something over her sports bra.)

Worst Thing Today: The dentist.  Which, all things considered, isn’t that bad.

Best Thing Today: More model-building with Boy, I hope.

Notes: I’m a little deep in thought at the moment, and the workout will either help that along or derail it entirely.  I’m not sure which I’d appreciate more.


Water: I’m between 40 and 60 oz/day I think. Came very close to buying a Coke just now (Princess Time has arrived) but I resisted.

Calories/Nutrition: I need to find a better breakfast alternative I think. Cereal/granola bars or yogurt is all I’ve done lately. Today was granola. I’m eating lunch now which is tuna on cracked wheat crackers, tomatoes and cukes (omitted the usual salt since I doubt I need any help retaining fluids right now). Dinner has not been decided yet. Full disclosure: I did buy a bag of Hershey’s minatures and just ate one serving (5 pieces). I’m a Princess and I’m only human.

Exercise: I’m really trying to do the 30DS every night this week and so far so good. Would still love to walk outside on top of that, but the Hellish weather continues, so no. 

Worst Thing Today: Again with the Princess Time starting. But at least this month it wasn’t a life-altering event.

Best Thing Today: Hopefully Brian has a night off from tiling tonight so we can actually enjoy a relaxing evening at home. That, and the fact the oldies station just played Southern Cross.

Notes: Some future Summer get-togethers will be coming and I’m very thankful I’m doing something about this now so I can not think about it and actually enjoy myself then.


Water:   Will  go over 64 by the night’s end.

Exercise:  1.2 miles, run +cool down.  Got it in early, before the heat really started.

Best thing today:  Hanging out at the library with Leila and lugging home a bagful o’ books to take on vacation.

Worst thing:  Visiting the pet store.  I try to boycott these places, but I needed a fish feeder. I just can’t stand the little furrikins in their cages. And was shocked to find out that ferrets cost about $150!!


2 Responses to Daily Goals

  1. Kimmothy says:

    Yuckko – I’m sorry you have to go to the dentist today; I hope it’s not too bad. I’d rather visit the gyno than the dentist, so that should tell you where he ranks on my list of hate.
    I’m sure gym girl wants her peeks sneaked. I think we all do; some of us are just more honest about it than others!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Kim – Gym girl was there (interesting, since after my dentist appointment I was there an hour earlier than Monday), but she ended up on the other side of a pillar from me. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. 😀

    Shari – Don’t get Dys started on ferrets! (I admit, occasional pains in the butt, but fun.)

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