I’m inches away from saying, “Fuck it.” And then driving to the store and buying the first box of Little Debbie snacks I come across.

I’ve been working out hard. I’ve been eating right. And absolutely nothing… NOTHING… is happening. No gain, no loss. No nuthin’.

So my take on it is, if I try hard and nothing happens, what’s the point? I should just laze around and eat whatever the frick I want and just be happy, dammit. Because if I try and nothing happens, and I DON’T try and nothing happens, then what the hell am I stressing about?

I refuse to exercise three hours a day. I refuse to live off of one lettuce leaf and water a day. I refuse to kill myself over this. All I want, and I should EXPECT to achieve it, is to try my best, eat right and exercise daily, and see the weight gradually come off. Not KILL myself and see nothing happen at all.

I’m stuck. Stuck, stuck, stuck. Over the past several months I’ve made the changes that I thought were necessary:

Before: Average daily calorie intake 1800 – lots of carbs and fat and junk food
After: Average daily calorie intake 1350 – carbs, fat, and protein within goal ranges; whole, natural foods

Before: 2 or 3 cups of water daily
After: 8 cups of water daily, at least

Before: One or two days a week of working out
After: Three days of cardio and three days of 30DS, one day of rest, per week

So you guys tell me, what on Earth am I doing wrong??? MONTHS of making healthy lifestyle changes, with no positive impact to my weight or body shape.



14 Responses to Discouraged

  1. Calvin says:

    Ok I am posting this because Laura ask me to.
    Do not get discouraged.. Why?
    First you have not been working out every day and just because you think you are only eating 1200-1800 calories a day you may not be and you might be eating the wrong types of food.
    Remember when we talked about cutting out bread and pasta for a few weeks and exercising twice a day.
    I bet a lot of people think they are doing much more than they are and when they don’t see results at the end of the first week they stop or get inconsistent.
    You did not gain weight over night and you won’t lose it over night either unless your a fan of crank.
    Or you could just be happy with the way you are and maintain.
    But if you really want to lose you will have to make sacrifices for awhile.

  2. jen says:

    you can do it!!

  3. Kimmothy says:

    Awww, it must be Good Husband Day – that was really cool of Calvin right there. Brian is the same; if I’m happy with where I am, so is he. If I’m not (which I’m not) he encourages me to do something about it. You know I would not say anything to you with anything but respect and concern for wanting you to succeed with this, but in the past week, you’ve mentioned both a “metric ton” of Chinese food and then the weekend of debaucherous eating and drinking. I’ve found that sodium is a real enemy and no matter how hard you’re working most of the time, things like that can completely derail you.
    What really struck home with me with what Calvin said too is that it’s not going to go away over night. I’ve had to tell myself that repeatedly and I’ve only been at this for barely two weeks. It took me two years to pack all this on; I expect at LEAST a good year of taking it off.
    Please don’t get discouraged; I know it sucks right now but I know for a fact it will be worth it in the long run.

    • Laura says:

      It’s true that I’ve “gone off the wagon”, so to speak, a couple of times, but I figure the number of “good” days should be counteracting the few “bad” days, you know? Enough to see SOMETHING, if not a drastic amount, of change.

      Feh, I’m just having a bad day. Had to drop a bunch of money to repair the garage door, which resulted in cancelling dress shopping for the Yanni concert on Sunday, the cut and color I had scheduled for tomorrow, and dinner before the concert. I’m sure I can find something to wear, I’m getting a trim which is much cheaper, and I’m cooking dinner for all of us before the concert, so things aren’t BAD, just not what we’d originally planned.

      Don’t mind me, I just feel like whining.

  4. huladog says:

    There is an old Jewish saying, maybe you know it Kim…Man plans and God laughs. But the good thing is sometimes the “new” plans end up being great. Also, please don’t say “Fuck It.” I had the same experience last week, when I really din’t think I was doing too badly, in fact, I thought I was doing GOOD, and the scale didn’t budge. But all that is telling us is that something needs to be adjusted. Adjust and keep going. This week, I’m doing much better and seeing results on the scale already. The only way you can fail at this is if you give up.

  5. huladog says:

    Also, if you are not feeling any differences in your body, maybe look into more weight training. Of course, you have to do cardio and Jillian incorporates some weights into her program, but if you aren’t seeing ANY results, I would suggest more weights. The added bonus of weight training is that it burns calories even after you stop doing it. A tip for getting the right weight…you want to feel it. Lower weight plus higher reps equals more tone but you still need to be able to feel the burn or you aren’t using enough. Higher weights plus slower, less reps will add bulk, but you can also look at this as adding a more “cut” look, like Jillian, not Arnold. I hope this helps. We can’t have you quitting. If one of us jumps ship, the others are sure to follow.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks, Shari, your perspective is just the one I needed to hear right now. And I have been focussing more on cardio than weights, so maybe that’s the change I need. Thanks very much, you’re a great help.

  6. crisitunity says:

    What Kim and Calvin said is really helpful, but there’s other stuff here too. You may be building muscle at approximately the same rate that you’re burning fat, which is pretty discouraging but actually great. It takes a couple of weeks of routine smaller calorie intake/exercise to start seeing results. (I know this for certain.) Just keep at it.

    Also, on what you responded to Kim: if you have good-girl days and bad-girl days, that just leads to neutral-girl days. No loss there, just maintenance. Just a thought…

    • Laura says:

      Oh, yes, I’m all about the “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming…” Some day I’ll see results, and I’m going to try to have MANY more “good girl days” than “bad girl days” to see if I can, literally, tip the scales in the right direction.

  7. Taoist Biker says:

    My saying “Fuck it” a year ago was the difference between starting out at 200 (last Feb) and starting out at 217 (this March).

    I’m just sayin’.

    I’ll also address a concern that you didn’t raise (but Shari touched on when she named Arnold) and say that despite the significant concerns that many women have, it’s actually really hard for women to put on enough muscle to approach a masculine look. It requires serious, rigorous dedication to a mass gain diet, and even then most women just don’t have the right body chemistry to do it. Real bodybuilders are genetic freaks, regardless of gender!

    • Laura says:

      Yes, I don’t think I have the body type/genetics to go overboard on the musculature, so I’m not particularly worried about increasing my weight lifting. Female body builders, the extreme ones, just ook me the hell out. I can’t understand what would cause a woman to want to make her body look like that.

  8. dyskinesia says:

    What They Said!

    Other notes:
    You also didn’t GAIN, and changes or no changes, not gained is good.
    Are you weighing at the same time of day? Because holy good grief does it make a difference.
    Princess Time – HULLO! That sodium Kim mentioned? Can see an 8-pound difference (up and down) in less than a day – and that’s without Princess Time. Believe the menopausal woman when she tells you that hormones are wicked, wicked creatures that affect evvvvvvverything.

    Definitely a backer of the weight-training here too, as are all of my Womanhood Doctors (and I have several). Hang in there. 🙂

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