I’m on Island Time

Well, guys, I am off to Sanibel Island for vacation for a week. As we all know vacation can be a dangerous time for anyone trying to lose weight. I didn’t meet my goal weight for this trip, but I’m not bummed because I do feel toner and more fit, which is what I’m going to focus on. The great thing about island life is that there is always so much to do and we are out there riding, swimming, walking, playing tennis and this time around I’ll be running. I already have my route planned to run to the Lighthouse in the morning. The hard part is all of the delicious food, starting with the annual arrival feast. We have been going to Sanibel for the past almost 25 years, since I was about 15. On the night that everyone arrives, my dad will cook a huge seafood feast complete with lobster tails, and my personal favorite Alaskan King Crab legs! Of course with butter, corn, pina coladas and all the extra goodies that go with it. I’m not even going to make any false claims that I will hold back at this event. I won’t. But for the rest of the time I intend to be conscious of what I’m eating and make every effort to make some good food choices. It’s all about being healthy and having a good life and I’m starting to realize that is more about having a healthy fit body than rewarding myself with fattening food. But, that being said, everyone needs a night of hedonism every once in a while. See ya’ in a week!


3 Responses to I’m on Island Time

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    You can train yourself to enjoy yourself even at an event like that, responsibly and without going bonzo, without feeling so much like you’re holding back.

    You can also train yourself to have someone break cinder blocks on your stomach while you lay on a bed of nails. I’ve never done either one. 😀

    I think as long as you can enjoy yourself without touching off a guilt spiral then you’re A-OK. Island vacations are what hedonism is for! Enjoy your week!

  2. Kimmothy says:

    Eat a lobster tail for me; I’m freaking drooling now.

  3. Laura says:

    Have a wonderful time!!!

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