TB’s Weight Training Workout

As I was saying earlier today, I feel a bit stupid posting a workout like this since I’m in a cardio-only phase myself right now.  It smacks to me of not practicing what I’m preaching.  But in the end, I figure, what the hell?  I’m using this more as a jumping-off point for discussion rather than a “you-must-do-it-exactly-this-way” sort of prescription.  And maybe when I lose enough weight that my weight belt fits again (yes, seriously – UGH) I can put my money where my mouth is.

Another caveat is that this is, very specifically, a guy’s mass-building workout.  Rather than say what weight I was using or how many reps I was trying for, I’m just going to put the exercise and the number of sets.  Hopefully that’ll take out a little of the Dude Bias.

Exercises can have a lot of different names – I’ve had discussions with people online before that I didn’t understand at all because what they were calling a “skull crusher” is what I call a “French press” and others call “lying triceps extension.”  So if you don’t understand what I’m referring to, ask and I’ll clarify!

This was the workout which was working well for me about a year and a half ago.  I’ve used lots of others, including one superset-based workout that worked well (i.e., work opposite body parts on the same day and often alternating sets:  one chest press followed by one back pull, one bicep curl followed by one triceps extension).  And it presumes that you have a full gym’s worth of equipment.  If you want other ideas for how to cut time, maybe replace one exercise with another, how to hit a specific body part, etc. just ask and I’ll give my thoroughly un-expert suggestions!

Now, without further delay… TB’s Favorite Workout of Doom

Time per workout:  45-75 minutes, give or take

Note:  This doesn’t include warm-up sets!!  The first movement of each muscle group usually included 1-3 warmup sets, depending on the lift and the potential for hurtage.  Ex:  1 for the triceps, but 3 for the squats.

Depending on how much time I had and how tired I was, I might do 2-3 sets each of back extensions and straight-leg raises on a Roman chair at the end of each workout.

Day 1:  Chest/Triceps

Incline Bench Press – 4 sets
Flat Bench Press – 3 sets
*Alternate doing flat and incline first; when in doubt, I did incline.
Incline Flys – 3 sets
Cable Crossover – 3 sets

French Press – 4 sets
Close-grip bench press – 4 sets (after each french press set, immediately reposition the weight and do a set of these)
Seated, double-hand overhead dumbbell press – 3 sets
Rope pulldown – 3 sets

Day 2:  Legs

Squat – 4 sets
Leg extension – 3 sets
Leg curl – 3 sets
*superset these two – a set of extensions, then a set of curls, then rest
Calf raises – 2 sets

Day 3:  Rest

Day 4:  Back/Biceps

Weight-assisted chin-ups – 4 sets
Bent-over rows – 3 sets
Wide-bar, neutral-grip rows – 3  sets
Close-grip pulldowns – 3 sets

Barbell curls – 4 sets (alternating grip widths from narrow to wide)
Opposing cable curls (stand in the cable crossover and curl toward your head) – 3 sets
Preacher curls – 3 sets

Day 5:  Lower Back/Shoulders

Deadlift – 5 sets

Military press – 4 sets
Upright rows – 3 sets
Lateral raises – 3 sets
Bent-over lateral raises – 3 sets

Day 6:  Rest

Day 7:  Rest


4 Responses to TB’s Weight Training Workout

  1. Kimmothy says:

    This is really timely, as I’m starting to think I really might be starting with going back to the gym soon. I can already tell I’m motivated by the small progress I’ve made already, but that I’ll be soon wanting to do more and also prevent getting bored.

  2. Laura says:

    Awesome, thanks for posting this. I’ll have to modify a few to accommodate the equipment I have at home, but the majority I can do no problem.

    I have to ask, why do you estimate 45-75 minutes? I ran through all my arms in 20 minutes without feelin like I was rushing, and resting in between sets – 3 sets of 12 to 15 each. Bench press, flys, overhead press, triceps pull-downs, biceps curls, lateral raises, rows.

    • Taoist Biker says:

      The average up there is something like 20 total sets per workout. Figure a minute per set and two minutes resting between, give or take, and that’s an hour. Some days shorter, some longer, depending on things like water breaks and waiting for equipment to open up (not a problem at home).

      Edited to add: Honestly, that’s also clearly a muscle-building workout because it’s designed to hit different heads of the same muscle groups, etc. You ladies not interested in such things could cut the sets in half, or cut the last exercise off each group, and likely do just as well. Possibly better.

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