The Dreaded “Before” Shot

Well, we talked about it, and I finally went and done did it.  If certain other bloggers can be forthright with their image, then screw it, so can I.  I think.  Yes, yes I can.

Dys was kind enough to take these photos after I got home from my workout.  You know, so I’d be nice and depleted and red-faced.  As Crisitunity was pointing out, looking wretched in the “before” picture just makes it easier to look better in the “after!”  So I successfully resisted the impulse to suck in ye olde gut.  Barely.  I didn’t even try to yank my beard into place like I normally would.  And probably the fact that I was too worn the hell out to think much about it helped.  Likewise, I’m posting before I can get some sleep and maybe think better of the whole idea.

TB, 1 Jul 2009

TB Side 1 Jul 2009

TB Back 1 Jul 2009

Mostly-occluded butt shot by vaguely popular and mostly joking e-mailed demand.  (The suggestion that I put up a good flex for a shot was heartily turned down by the photographer.)

Am I wretchedly overweight?  Nope.  Can I tell where the extra weight is?  Yep.  Motivated to work harder by posting these pictures publicly?  Uh, roger that.

Wish I’d left my shoes on?  Yup.

Ah well.


13 Responses to The Dreaded “Before” Shot

  1. Laura says:

    Hey there, good lookin! I’ve always been a sucker for a goatee and tats. 😀

    I promise to stalk you accordingly.

  2. crisitunity says:

    Cheater. You wore baggy clothes.

    • Taoist Biker says:

      I always wear baggy clothes!

      Except when I’m cruising, of course. Then I wear a pair of Bedazzled jeans and a shiny lime-green top, both skin-tight. And a kickin’ fuschia ascot.

      Actually, I briefly considered doffing the top…but I decided not to risk breaking the interwebz. That’s about as much skin as y’all get out of me for the time being!

  3. Kimmothy says:

    Not fair.
    You’re already hot.
    I think I’m re-thinking this whole idea now. Except that I’ll look like a complete asshole, so I guess it’s time to break the damn camera out. And then just break the damn camera, period.
    Great shots!!

    • Taoist Biker says:

      Flattery will get you everywhere, ma’am. 😉 As I said before, the front and back shots I have no real problem with; it’s that side shot that makes me cringe.

      Don’t take it as a dare; I just figured I’d break the ice (at least on this site, to the extent that Laura and Crisitunity haven’t already in their own spaces).

  4. dyskinesia says:

    He was actually wearing nicer clothing choices than the usual before picture. If I’d thought about that at the time, I would have told him he should change into something tighter that would show more of a difference as the body changes. Maaaaybe I still could. Probably not now that y’all swooned and stuff! 😉

  5. Kimmothy says:

    Yes ma’am, and I say this with all due respect –

  6. Well…welcome to the party. Damn alcohol always messes with that side shot, huh?

    In my construction photos I always try to take the worst ones possible so the change is drastic…

  7. suzy2110 says:

    Well I think you look grand in your before shots- I am too scared to post mine…

    I’m with Kim, but too scared of Dys to actually come out and say it!!! 😉

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