We’re Bad; We’re Nationwide

As I just said over in my own little corner, I’m tired of waiting.  I’m down for another radio show.

I’m thinking next week, Wednesday or Thursday, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific-ish.  I’m somewhat flexible.  Are there times/days that don’t work for some folks that would really love to tune in?  Or, especially, call in?

We don’t necessarily have to do NBAI-ish topics, but I thought that was somewhat likely given our concentrated collective efforts of late.  Or we could just use it as a big fat feel-good conference call.  That, you know, other people could listen in on.

Anybody game?


5 Responses to We’re Bad; We’re Nationwide

  1. Kimmothy says:

    I have serious phone phobia issues, but if you guys were talking I’d love to listen in!

  2. […] As earlier alluded to, I’m doing that whole radio show thing tonight.  Any NBAI readers are welcome to join in; […]

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