Good News/Bad News

The good news:  Yesterday I lifted about 40 pounds for about 600 repetitions.

The bad news:  It took me about eight hours to do it.

Sometimes it’s good to have a day when I’m not sitting on my butt behind a desk.  An active, physical-work day is sure as hell a lot less boring than an hour on a treadmill, watching the timer tick down.  And you get to accomplish some other things as well.

For the last several weeks, actually, almost every day I’ve been doing some sort of physical activity that involves a good hour of sweat.  If I’m not doing my manual-labor day at work, I’m mowing my lawn (push mower) in 90-degree heat.  If I’m not doing either, I’m working out.  It’s a lot less likely to result in burnout than five or six days a week on the same damned cross-trainer at the gym.

I would, however, recommend doing it someplace with air conditioning.  (And, if possible, with something you like on the TV.  The one day working a few weeks back with the World Series of Poker on the TV’s just flew by.  Nothing like finishing a workout by watching Hellmuth get knocked out of the Main Event by one of his former students.)


8 Responses to Good News/Bad News

  1. boundandgags says:

    It’s not how long it takes, TB, it’s how smelly you are afterwards!

    I spent a combined three hours mowing lawns this week (and every week – if it isn’t raining).

    One of the yards (ours) is mainly hill. Oh, it looks all great and rolling when it’s cut (or so I’ve heard. By the time I’m done trudging up and down these blasted hills I don’t want to look at it) but when you have no traction and you’re mowing backwards while facing forward, well, trust me I’ve thought just how funny my death like that would be considered.

    The other one (girlfriend’s mothers), albeit flat, is also large but the worst part is I have to empty the clippings from the bag (oh no, there can’t be dead grass all over the lawn! What would the neighbors think?) in the appropriately termed ‘way back.’ It took about four weeks of wandering ‘way back’ before someone decided to mention the potential tick infestation back there. And I wonder why I’m always light-headed.

    One day, after mowing, I spent another two hours moving a pile of leaves and clippings that I’d foolishly, as it turns out, not put ‘way back’ enough into the appropriate ‘way back’ area. For that I was gloved and taped up like a hostage. By the end my clothes looked like the SS Ticktanic.

    I’m not even going to tell you about the dead things I find. But, as a favor, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks, wander down the hill of my house or the ‘way back’ on the Cape and check for my lifeless torso. I’m sure it or parts of it will be there.


    • Taoist Biker says:

      Body in the way back. Wear long pants. Check.

      My lawn now isn’t so bad – in our Midwest home I also had to mow a big-assed easement beside my house (well, I didn’t HAVE to, but otherwise I’d have tumbleweeds in my own yard and I might lose my kid in the tall grass). That sucker was sloped front-to-back AND side-to-side. It was around that time that the Vikings lineman Korey Stringer died from heat stroke, so I had a good reminder not to push it too damned hard on hot days…

  2. Kimmothy says:

    I’m so happy when Hellmuth gets knocked out by ANYONE, but I especially enjoyed watching a Poker After Dark episode a few weeks ago when Tom Dwan kicked his ass.
    Uh, sorry – off topic.
    I’m really envious that Brian has always done semi-physical work which has allowed him to blissfully eat like a moose without a care in the world. Though I would never want to spend ONE South Carolina summer working outside in the sun, so I guess I need to just come up with more variety in my work-outs and shut the hell(muth) up about it.

    • Taoist Biker says:

      My favorite was when Annie Duke knocked him out of some huge pros-only television special, prompting a typical Hellmuth meltdown. Ah, Phil. Heh.

      I credit busting my ass in the south Virginia heat for helping keep me from ballooning during the summers when I was in college. But you’ll notice I didn’t make a career out of it.

  3. Coaching these kids in sports a couple of days a week help me break things up a bit. Baseball season is nice, because the “old person” gym has TVs built into the treadmills and I would go there and when the Cubs were playing on TV and I could watch a baseball game and run at the same time. Distractions are cool for working out.

  4. Laura says:

    Hm. Watching poker doesn’t strike me as an activity that causes time to fly by, but I appear to be the minority in that opinion.

    I, too, would prefer to get my exercise via physical labor that accomplishes something. Unfortunately my job just involves a lot of typing and phone calling and math, none of which are particularly high on the calorie burning.

    • Taoist Biker says:

      Depends on the math. When smoke’s coming out of your ears, you’re burning calories, right?

      Poker on TV is a love/hate thing. If you like it, it can be plenty engrossing. Compare that to what I usually watch while working out, which is the “Pardon the Interruption/Around the Horn” hour on ESPN. Guys talking about sports I barely care about. Not even the sports themselves. Blah.

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