Daily Goals

Water: Sucking so far today – forgot my water bottle at home, was busy working all morning & just now made it to the store to buy a bottle. I’ll try to make up for it later.

Calories/Nutrition: Boy, Mondays are not my good days for being organized. I didn’t have anything decent to bring for lunch, so opted for the nearby Subway. I was good and got a plain turkey sandwich (wanted bacon so badly, but just said no). I asked the girl to go easy on the mayo, but I still scraped a good tablespoon off of it when I got back to my desk. Ew.

Worst Thing Today: When the alarm went off at 6:30, I could not for love or money force myself to get out of bed and go walking like I’d planned. What is this mental block that’s preventing this, when I LOVE exercising in the morning??

Best Thing Today: Hmm. So far nothing too exciting. Oh – I got a subscription to Self magazine; I figured that might be a little more useful than my previous ones: Lucky and Allure.

Notes: A couple of goals for the week, along with the so far failure of getting my ass out of bed to exercise include no reading or watching TV while I’m eating (I’m guilty of both – talk about mindless shoveling of food) and revise what types of calories I’m consuming, i.e. less damn salt and sugar, more damn fruit and veggies.


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