Almost Famous

As earlier alluded to, I’m doing that whole radio show thing tonight.  Any NBAI readers are welcome to join in; the more the merrier!

All the details are here, but all one really needs is to click this button:

or this link at 10pm Eastern time tonight and hit the “click to listen” button.

Or, you can call in directly:

(646) 915-8720

Hope to hear from some of you tonight.  We can share horror stories, motivate ourselves until we pass out, or just talk about completely random crap.  It’s all good.  😀


3 Responses to Almost Famous

  1. Kim says:

    Welp, that was great. At about 9:45 last night, Brian walked out of the computer room and his face was as green as David Banner when he’s angry. He was like, “I don’t feel so well.” And I spent the next two hours dealing with Pukey McVomitous. What happened, did your stomach virus travel all the way down here? More likely, was his dinner of boiled peanuts and Monster energy drink the culprit? Either way, it sucked and I’m very sad I missed it.

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