I REALLY need an mp3 player!

I made it out for another morning walk around the ‘hood this morning. Can I get a what-what? I’m really happy about it, though I don’t know that I’m getting the greatest workout walking with my furry companion. That’s okay; he loves it, he gets some exercise too and it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping ankle weights + a couple of steep hills = some calorie burnage. Plus, anytime I get to spend outside this time of year without fear of melting into a puddle of fat and tears is a bonus. Yesterday was even cool enough I started out wearing my favorite article of clothing: my hoodie! Today, not so much, but that’s okay – I know it’ll happen again.

My neighborhood is fairly quiet anyway, but a lot more so at this time of morning. It’s a great time for me to do some peaceful thinking. Here’s a sampling of the random thoughts I had this morning.

I wonder how many calories this is actually burning.

Damn, SOMEBODY’S cooking breakfast; that smells good!

Bacon? It’s gotta be!

Leaving for Florida a week from tomorrow – I wonder if it’s possible to lose twenty pounds by then. Doubtful.

I really some better exercise clothes. Preferrably ones with pockets. Dammit.

Oh, look – there’s Brian leaving for work!
He’s driving too fast.

The only difference between me and all those celebrity women who drop weight so fast after they have a baby is drugs. So where do I get those drugs?

Did that guy really just say, “So, gettin’ a little exercise are ya?” Thanks for the editorial, Captain Obvious.

Okay, it’s a little more humid than it was yesterday. Is it possible to actually *feel* your hair frizzing up?

I wonder if that’s what a shin splint feels like. Probably not.


That house looks like it could possibly be a meth lab. If it ever exploded, would we be safe being three streets away?

I wish I liked to run.

Did this dog seriously just pee on his new leash?

Okay, it’s been 25 minutes; time to start heading home.

Damn, I can STILL smell that bacon.


11 Responses to I REALLY need an mp3 player!

  1. Shari says:

    I do believe it IS possible to feel your hair frizz!! Also, maybe your running wish will come true. Everyone I’ve told that I run now, exclaims, “You hate to run!” I guess not anymore. Here are a couple of things that I like about running.
    1) It gets your heart rate up fast. It is a quick cardio workout.
    2) The further you go, the further you want to go. Each time it will take longer to get pooped, and you will say to yourself afterward…tomorrow I will try to go one more house or one more mailbox. Baby steps.

    Oh and dogs love running, and they can’t stop to smell the feces every 5 seconds.

  2. I run with music playing, but not very loud…kind of in the background. To let me think…but to also get distracted by it when I need it…

  3. Laura says:

    Heh, I was going to post an inner monologue sampling from my walks around the campus at work. Ya beat me to it!

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Wally-world usually has ’em. The Kroger near my house does, too, I think. It’s basically a halfway point between a big Thermos and a Gatorade cooler.

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