Have Jillian, Will Travel

I posted awhile ago about being concerned with going on vacation while trying to keep my eating problem under control. (I guess since I don’t have a drinking, drug, gambling or p0rn problem, all that’s left is eating because there has to be something, right?) Well, now that vacation time is almost here, I’m feeling pretty good about the strategy I have in mind.

Like Shari, I want to enjoy everything to the fullest while I’m away and that of course includes food. You’re not going to find me dutifully recording everything in my little calorie log while I’m hanging out with family and friends. And I already have several plans of going out to eat with different people; I’m going to be enjoying the company too much to be worrying about the numbers.

Yesterday I had some practice. By some weird coincidence, I ended up eating out twice in one day, which is something rarely happens once, let alone twice. First, I met a friend for lunch at a Ruby Tuesday’s. I have a little weakness for their salad bar which sounds fine until I say the reason for that is their ridiculous pasta salad. But being down another pound this week, I wasn’t going to let that damn pasta get the best of me and I refraned from going overboard, only eating a resonable portion.

Then after a round of golf with Brian and some other friends (unfortunately I can’t put that down for exercise though; my “golfing” was actually driving a golf cart around watching the boys play), we ended up back at the SAME Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. I know – we’re very imaginative people when it comes to choosing restaurants. What can I say; the place is centrally located and has a wide variety of food. But they offer more seafood now, so I was able to get away with a shrimp dish for dinner that was really good taste-wise and not too bad calorie-wise.

I think the key for me is really just being a little AWARE of what I’m eating. Normally, since I don’t get to eat out very much, I treat it as a big, well, treat and usually go hog wild. Appetizer, entre, dessert – stupidity. But now I’m realizing I’m not a refugee who hasn’t seen food in days and that the world will actually go on spinning even if I don’t sample six or seven items from the menu and top it off with a big icy Coke (mmmm, drooool, Cooooke).

So. Even though I know there are a few upcoming restaurant experiences, I think with a little self control in place I’ll be able to deal with it. More importantly, I’m going to try to get in some form of exercise every day I’m away. I’m bringing Jillian with me because several people I know have expressed interest in seeing what it’s all about (oh, and I can’t WAIT to show them) and my new ankle weights in hopes that I’ll be able to get in some morning walks. No, not in hopes – I WILL be taking morning walks. Now that I’ve sort of gotten into the habit, I don’t stare at my sneakers with fear and loathing while sleepily sucking down a cup of coffee anymore.

And, the last few days of my trip I’ll be staying at a nice hotel, one that I’ve already found out has a fitness room. That’s something I’m really looking forward to, as I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back into the gym scene and have the feeling that might be just the thing to really get me excited about it again.

While I certainly don’t expect to *lose* weight while on vacay, I’m feeling pretty good about not gaining any back either.

Now if I can only figure out a way to avoid those damn gas station Slim Jims while I’m driving, I’ll consider the trip a complete success.


4 Responses to Have Jillian, Will Travel

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    For us no road trip is complete without a bag of cherry Twizzler Nibs.

    I went to Outback on Saturday and actually managed to order only a half rack of ribs! Victory!

    Well, it passes for victory in my book.

    • Kimmothy says:

      I usually have a frightening salt/sugar/lard combo going on for a road trip, but this time I’m trying to stick to stuff like dried fruit, granola bars and pretzels. I make no promises about Diet Coke, however.

  2. Shari says:

    Don’t forget the nut, raisin combo and you can throw in some mini marshmallows for extra sweetness (no fat). I had my birthday dinner last night, and I picked a sloppy pepperoni pizza and Coooooke. Coke is so great. Evil, but great! My how times have changed! It was sooooo delicious. It’s amazing how when you don’t have a particular food every. single. week. that you appreciate it so much more.

    • Kimmothy says:

      Yes, this morning I thought: SHARI’S BIRTHDAY! I’m glad you picked something eeevily delicious! And a Coke to me right now has the potential to make me sensually aroused.

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