I hinted at what draws my attention the other night on TB’s Radio show.

I have been on an excellent three day period of exercise.   Both running and lifting and it feels very good to get back on track in that part of my life again, but my little green and blue books have not been touched since that happened.

My running hasn’t been very far…or very fast, but five miles is five miles (and about 600 calories) and it is good to have some of that familiar soreness in my body that I seem to crave.

Yesterdays five miles was combined with enough heavy lifting to cause some soreness in my shoulders today…I like that feeling.   

My lifting had been slowed down by an injury obtained during an “incident” with someone I work with occasionally.   It turns out that i am still having some trouble with this right hand.  I only feel it when I am trying to perform a “curl” and it is at the base of my thumb.

Not being a “weightlifter” I am not sure what normal weight for me to use curling would be, but I perform three sets of five reps when I curl any weight.   Usually 80-100 pounds (single bar for both arms at the same time)…it depends on how I feel that day.   Even at this point, the 80 pounds causes me some pain in that hand.   It is better now than when I stopped lifting a month ago, but it is still there.   Yesterday, I was forced to go with 70 and 10 reps…and the discomfort was manageable.

I would really like to come up with a routine, system or a way that allows me to focus on multiple “free time” things at the same time…but looking back on it all now, I see that the increased focus on comedy happened right after the hand injury and now that the hand is healing, I am working back into “exercise mode”.

I guess we are all looking for some kind of balance in our lives…


One Response to Balance

  1. Kimmothy says:

    Good timing on this one, for me anyway. I’m finding it very hard to fit exercise in right now with being busy getting stuff done to go on vacation. I’m managing to still walk in the mornings and I think that’s the only thing keeping me from going cuckoo. For Cocoa Puffs. I actually miss working out – scary.

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