Unplanned, unregulated exercise

If things go as (partially and vaguely) planned, sometime this weekend I’ll have a repeat of last weekend.  I’ll pull my bike down off of the hooks in the garage and ride the mile or so with Boy to the nearby park.

Maybe we can even repeat the trip of a year or so ago and ride the hell out of the park, lugging uphill and hauling butt downhill.  (Those hills are pretty damned steep, so ass can be hauled, even by a lardass like me, simply by virtue of gravity.)

It’s funny.  It’s so hard to motivate myself to get up off my butt when I’m at home on my nights and weekends to actually go out and do something like that – which is why I force myself to go to the gym, because if I can get into a routine and just get there, then I fall into the mindset of “I’m here, I better do what I came here for.  Time to get my money’s worth.”

When, really, what’s more of a drag?  A mile bike ride through a park, or a mile’s worth of pedaling a stationary bike in a sweat-reeking gym?  Even if you can’t count the calories burned or you know that you weren’t pedaling the whole time (because sometimes, on a real bike, you actually get to go downhill!  Woo!), it sure as hell feels a lot less like…work.

So why the hell don’t I do it more often?  You got me.  (Well, aside from the occasional butt soreness.  But I digress.)  Time to change that.

I leave you with one of my favorite workout songs of late.  Simple, catchy, pounding rhythm.  And fun, too!

(Actually, the one I’ve been working out to is the Sepultura cover, which I think kicks even more ass, but may not be palatable to everybody, heh.)


5 Responses to Unplanned, unregulated exercise

  1. The butt soreness is why I don’t ride…and you have to bike like 13 miles to burn 600 calories…YAWN!!!!

  2. […] previously predicted, I rode my bike to the park with Boy this […]

  3. Kimmothy says:

    I’M SO DYING FOR A BIKE. And I have been for awhile now. Unfortunately other things have gotten in the way (damn those bills and vacations and vehicle repairs). But now that my favorite season of the year is merely a little over a month away (waaahoooo!), I am really going to work on putting some money aside to get one. I get giddy at the thought of tooling around my neighborhood or one of the parks in that glorious weather.

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Mine is just a cheapo from Target. I’ll admit, the $20 I spent this weekend for a new seat was sure as hell worthwhile, though!

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