Weight Issues on Vacation

I was able to go for three runs on my seven day vacation.   All of them between 6-8 miles each and the same routes that I ran when I was in high school.  

Due to some “bathroom issues” that have plagued me since childhood, (information from my mother and sister regarding similar public bathroom issues for decades) I limited my food intake but a couple few evenings with former classmates increased my alcohol intake…tenfold.

After a week of being away from home, I still came back three pounds lighter than when I left…

…and that was after reintroducing myself my my “own” bathroom.


2 Responses to Weight Issues on Vacation

  1. Kimmothy says:

    From your hintings, I think I have similar bathroom issues as you do. However, I did NOT come home three pounds lighter, but four pounds heavier. Those pounds have since been erased again, so I’m calmer now.
    Welcome back!

  2. Laura says:

    Hah! Are you one of those “before and after” weighers?

    Hope any negativity from your trip was balanced by some positive experiences!

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