Hello, Is There Anybody In There?

Is it me, or have things been a little quiet around here?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been in that place where life keeps getting in the way of my spare time. And whenever I have had a minute to catch my breath, I usually catch it and then immediately fall asleep.

I have managed to start back on the morning walks with the ankle weights, have revisited Jillian twice in the last two weeks and that’s, well that’s about it. I’m really, really hoping these cool crisp mornings soon begin to extend to the rest of the day and I know, I KNOW that will be the final push I need to completely get back into the swing.

Either way, another month is about to come to an end and I’m using the opportunity to get motivated anew. The academic year has always inspired me to get off my ass and this time I’m applying that to my fitness and health. It doesn’t hurt either that The Biggest Loser’s new season starts in a few weeks (I think September 15th) – laugh all you want, but man I love that show.

I hope everyone else is doing okay; drop me a line sometime!


8 Responses to Hello, Is There Anybody In There?

  1. My Update: I ran three times on vacation, took last week off and managed to get six miles in on both Saturday and Sunday. I actually lost weight on vacation and have now put those pounds back on and am backl the the weight I should probable be at most of the time.

    After talking to quite a few runners, the bug of getting into another race is in the back of my mind. Charlotte on 12.12.09 is looking like my target. They have a half and a full Marathon.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi there, Kee-yim! I’m doing jack sh*t as far as exercise is concerned. Eating habits are still okay, what with having to change things around for Calvin’s health. I’m just in a holding pattern right now. It kind of feels like I’m waiting for summer to be over, and THEN I’ll get motivated again. Ya know?

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    No real change. I found out I only gained a pound over my vacation binge, and the only day I had this week to work out, yesterday, I was so damned sleepy during the day that I just didn’t bother.

    I did grant myself a new gym bag, though. Actually it’s a gym bag that we’ve had for ages and never taken the tags off. I just finally said “Screw it, my old one has been too ragged for long enough.”

    And personally, while I’m invigorated by the students coming back to campus (particularly in warm weather, ifyaknowwhutImean) it also means the gyms are crowded as hell. For a week, at least. Then back to normal. (Just like January.)

    • Kimmothy says:

      I’ve been exhausted, which isn’t really conducive to getting out there and exercising. I partially blame the heat and yes I do know what you mean with students coming back in the warm weather – I’ve seen more long, tanned legs in the last week than I have all summer. It puts me in a really awesome mood every day.

  4. Shari says:

    I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not writing, but I feel like I haven’t been making that much noteworthy progress. I am fitting into my clothes better, but my weight hasn’t changed significantly. No where near goal. The good news is that I have been consistent with the running and weights and that has been making me feel good. I haven’t seen Jillian in a couple of weeks, but also am excited about TBL starting up again. That’s what kickstarted me in the first place, so it will be good to get that inspiration again.

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