The Fire’s in My Shoulders

Good things about doing the Fire series every other day:

  • Increased strength in my shoulders and triceps.
  • Further-toned abdominals.
  • The food I gobble after completing the workout is far more delicious than usual.

Bad things about doing the Fire series every other day:


The Fire series is a video made by Ganga White and Tracey Rich, the teachers who will be conducting the yoga teacher training I’m attending in October. Ganga and Tracey released three videos in the early 2000’s, Earth, Water, and Fire, which are increasingly harder from one to the next. I was told by the check-in lady at White Lotus (the center where the training will be held) that I should expect to do yoga at about the level of the Fire series every day of the sixteen-day training.

So I bought the DVD to see if it was totally beyond me. It’s not, but it’s essentially a shortened Ashtanga class. Ashtanga is a very challenging form of yoga, full of strengthening and gravity-defying poses. In every Ashtanga class you can expect to do a couple dozen chaturangas, and this Fire video seems just as thirsty to make students’ shoulders suffer as those evil Ashtanga masters do.

But I think the best thing to do would be to prepare my body for the challenge that I expect teacher training to be, so my plan is to try and do yoga every day from now until I get to White Lotus on October 10. I plan to do the Fire DVD as much as possible, but my shoulders are not yet up for doing it every day. Hopefully I’ll manage every other day, between classes and gentler home practices, until I work up to all those danged chaturangas. Until then…I’m just glad I have a good masseuse sleeping next to me.

Do you have any exercise plans you have to work up to? Programs that exhaust you, that you can’t wait to be able to do to their fullest expression? (Other than 30-Day Shred?) What motivates you to keep working at them?


4 Responses to The Fire’s in My Shoulders

  1. Kimmothy says:

    Heh, see my new post.

  2. Laura says:

    So would you recommend the Earth video for a novice? I’d like to get back to Yoga again now that my feet are cooperating with me.

    As for my plans, I’m just waiting for the FRACKING weather to cool off so Calvin and I can start biking again.

    • crisitunity says:

      I don’t know what the Earth DVD is like, so I couldn’t tell you. Their basic video, Total Yoga, which was shot in the early 90’s but is still perfectly valid, is (I think) good for a novice.

      Good luck with the biking!

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