In Which I Am Mistaken For a Chick

I still haven’t worked out yet since I admitted to Laura how badly I suck; I should be able to get back on that horse next week.  But then again I’ve also been a bit sick.  And with the prominent exception of last night, I’ve been eating slightly more reasonably anyway.

This morning I put on my pants, cinched up my belt, and looked.  I was back on the last notch…the one I put in when I bought the new belt because I (wisely, as it turned out) bought it a bit bigger than I needed.

I had to back it out a notch, though.  Not because it was uncomfortable, but when I looked in the mirror it made my jeans bunch up in the waist something fierce.

It’s official:  I can now go out and buy skinny jeans.

Is this where I squee?  Okay.  SQUEEEEE!!


2 Responses to In Which I Am Mistaken For a Chick

  1. Laura says:

    😀 Good on ya!

    The funny part came last night when, while walking away, I hear Dys’s voice behind me saying, “You’re right, you DO need skinny jeans.” 😀

  2. […] I went back to the gym again.  But all things considered, things have still gone pretty well.  I figured out that it was time for my skinny jeans again, and this weekend I actually put said skinny jeans on, […]

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