Warning: Rant Ahead

Okay, so I just popped off and spewed a big fat rant on body image over on my blog.  In retrospect, that might have been better done here, because it’s perfectly appropriate for what we’re trying to do here.  All I can do at this point is link to it and beg forgiveness because it was done in the heat of the moment.

And said heat of the moment is still burning me the fuck up.


One Response to Warning: Rant Ahead

  1. Shari says:

    This makes my blood boil, so you are not alone. This kinda goes along with the Kelly Clarkson incident a couple of months ago, where they airbrushed her into skinniness for the cover, and they tried to proclaim that the photo was taken at a different time. Kelly came out and basically said, she’s happy with her body how it is, and the magazine editors basically said, we had to put that on the cover because that is what SELLS. Sometimes I go to the place where I get really freaked out raising a daughter in this country. The standards set forth are unattainable unless you are…..starving. It is creating a society that is starving for attention, starving for connection, starving for love. Meanwhile the reality is that internal starvation is causing more than 2/3 of us to be overweight. Yes 2/3!

    The exposure of this type of media is everywhere….young boys are subconsciously brainwashed to think this is the ideal female. Young girls are subconsciously brainwashed to think they are worthless if they aren’t that skinny or at least if they don’t have those clothes. The combination of being oversexualized and shamed at the same time is….well…deadly. (Don’t even get me started on the kids in ads dressed provocatively. Hello, are the pedophiles an untapped cash market?)

    Makes me long for the days of ads by United Colors of Bennetton where models were diverse, or wholesome Christie Brinkley, who would surely be considered chubby by today’s standards.

    I love the public outcry. That’s the only way they will take notice. That and NOT buying the mags or the merch. Money talks and bullshit walks (apparently on the catwalk!)

    The best I can do with my girl is to strive for healthiness. I don’t have those mags laying around the house to limit my daughter’s exposure. And the most important thing is talking, talking, talking. And absolutely no self-depricating talk…it’s not good for me or her. We talk about my shrinking “jelly-belly” and I make sure to focus on my “getting healthier” rather than getting “skinny.” We talk about all the things a healthy body can do and what kinds of foods to eat to keep us going strong. And I hope there are men out there talking with their sons about bodies and health and beauty. If they don’t hear this from us, they will just absorb what is OUT there. And the majority of what is out there is not good. It is what sells.

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