Hello (Hello, helloooo)

Knock, knock…hello? Is this thing on?

I just commented on TB’s post it seemed serendipitous the very day I slinked back over here to take a peek around, he had just posted. It made me so happy to see, because I do so enjoy this place where we can all come to bitch, cry, congratulate and support each other. It makes me feel less alone in my on-going quest for self-improvement. Helps to keep myself accountable. This is a happy place and I’m damn glad to be back.

I started off about a week ago, very tentative. No exercise yet, but cutting out certain things that seem to be my albatross: sweets and soda. What an unoriginal albatross that is, but there you have it. Along with that, I got serious about upping the water intake, which is a lot easier when you’re not drinking work-day Diet Cokes and Black Cherry Kool-aid with dinner. I still feel you will pry the coffee from my cold, dead (caffeinated) hand, but I’m back to measuring the crap I put in it and trying not to go overboard with it. A little over a week and I already feel a little less bloated. Water. Who knew. (Everybody, including me)

Then Sunday I woke up feeling good and made a quick decision: Today is the official Getting Off the Ass Day. I wasn’t quite ready for Jillian (I’m meeting back up with that bitch tonight and I’m predicting pain), but I went a whole hour on the stepper and it wasn’t until a few hours later when I was having trouble walking I realized I probably overdid it a little. A very hot shower with some waterboarding on the legs miraculously did the trick and I managed another hour plus a long walk around campus yesterday. Only two days of this so far and my mood is ridiculously improved.

Another thing that seems to be helping is having fresh fruit in the house. When the ice cream monster strikes during nighttime TV, it’s helped a lot to have apple, oranges and grapes. Take THAT, sweet tooth bastard!

I’m going to try to keep my goals a little more short-term for the moment because I don’t want to set myself to fail. I don’t see the past few months as total failure and I’m thrilled that I only put back on 4 of the 14 pounds I’d lost – starting from a slightly improved standpoint does wonders to encourage me. But for now, back here at the starting gate, I’m concentrating on the next month. By the end of February, I’d like to be down another 10 pounds. That’s a realistic goal and should I lose any more than that, hooray, bonus. But that’s the goal and what I’m working toward.

It feels right.


5 Responses to Hello (Hello, helloooo)

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I agree with ya on the “we’re in this together” being helpful – not having a workout partner, this is the best reason I have to keep at it. Otherwise it’s just my own shameful feeling of suckishness, and gawd knows I’ve learned to cope with THAT already!

    I think I’m gonna have a lot easier time with the exercise than with the sweet tooth. Because I’m me. And my sweet tooth is NOT fooled by fruit. (Beef jerky does help, though.)

    If I drop 20 by the GP in August when I hook up with Tiff and Bill (and Heather, I hope!), I’ll be damn happy.

    • Kimmothy says:

      It’s true…Brian occasionally lifts some weights while I’m exercising, but he’s not what you’d call…consistent as an exercise buddy. I feel like I have my buddies here!
      I still indulged my sweet tooth last time around; that is the hardest thing about this for me.

  2. crisitunity says:

    All I have to say about this is WOO! I’m cheering you on!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Woot! It’s good to see posts here again! I myself am concentrating on “eating clean” – my tummy has been having troubles lately, so I’m trying to eat as wholesomely as possible – I had yogurt for breakfast, raw snap peas/grape tomatoes/carrots with fat-free dressing, sliced chicken breast on one slice of Oat Nut bread, and chocolate Silk (thanks for that one, Dys!) for lunch. Dinner will probably be a salad at Sandstone – got a photography gig tonight. Working out hasn’t been as successful, but I hope to keep working on getting into that habit.

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