Routineis Interruptis

Disruptions in the routine. It’s what I fear and loathe when I’m in the diet-and-exercise mode. It’s what threw me off-track last time. I was doing well for two months, went on vacation for a week and BOOM! Even the weekends I’m finding are a little less productive this time around, though to my credit it was colder than the proverbial witch’s tit this weekend so going outside was pretty much out of the question. Well, if you’re a wimp like me it is.

This coming week I have two situations where I’ll need to keep my head about me a little and maybe even test my powers of will.

The first, not so bad – a pizza lunch at work. My office, like many, is a place where many naughty treats find their way in and brings everyone crawling out of their offices as if we were woodland animals coming out of hiding to forage for nuts. Or something. Why is food so exciting at work? We had a meeting Friday where the boss brought in fruit, cheese & crackers, a chocolate cake and doughnuts. I was good, but let me be honest here: I don’t really like heavy sweet things early in the morning, so they were easy to pass up. However, when the meeting broke around noon I had to ninja my way out of there quickly or I knew all bets were off.

The second, well; I know some things will happen that aren’t conducive to weightloss. I have a good friend coming to visit from Florida. She’ll be here Friday through Sunday. Here’s what we do whenever we’re together. Go to the movies. Go sight-seeing. Go out to eat. And where we go to eat always involves a diner chain, such as your Denny’s or your Village Inn, or some such approximation. And I always like to take people from out of town to the best Columbia has to offer in Southern cooking and if you know anything about Southern cooking you know that will mean fried things. In gravy. She leaves Sunday, the day of the Superbowl. And isn’t the Superbowl National Let’s Eat Nothing But Snacks All Day Day? Brian has already asked about my nacho dip is what I’m trying to say.

However, I have a gift certificate to a seafood restaurant I’m using when she’s here, so that’s one meal out that won’t be too bad. And she’s usually watching her weight as well, so she’s not going to be wanting to go too crazy either. It’s just that for me, celebration and vacations and friends coming to visit always equal food. And food SHOULD be part of celebrations and fun times, without sitting there, mentally couting calories or berating yourself.

I’ll be honest – I’m more worried about breaking my soda fast more than anything else. But no matter what happens, I’m not letting it derail me this time. Whatever damage is done, I’ll deal with it accordingly and move on.


2 Responses to Routineis Interruptis

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    That’s the trick for me – not letting a hiccup turn into a complete derailment. Especially when it comes to gym time and sodas.

    I did curls last Wednesday for the first time in about two years, and it’s only today that I can straighten my arms without pain. (And I can still feel it, you know, it’s just not across the threshold into painful.)

    • Kimmothy says:

      Damn sodas!
      And those curls sound like they did a number on you – glad the pain is lessening. After two weeks, my legs are finally starting to feel normal again too and I haven’t even done anything hard yet!

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