New Weights Routine

I’m waiting to digest my lunch before I continue my workout. I started with weights this morning, performed in supersets that work complimentary muscle groups. Then I had to stop for a meeting, and by the time the meeting was over I was STARVING, so I decided to eat lunch. After I digest, it’ll be the elliptical and some abs work (crunches/lying leg raises today). I find cardio to be mighty boring, and I absolutely DETEST AND LOATHE abs work, but I’ve got to say I’m enjoying my current weights routine. I incorporate weights three days a week, and I’m switching things up so I’m doing two sets of 15-20 for the next few weeks, rather than three sets of 10-15. Here is my current routine:

Day One:
One Arm Rows / Incline Dumbell Press
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Dumbell Shoulder Press/One Legged Dumbell Calf Raises
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Dumbell Curls / Overhead Tricep Extensions
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Dumbell Squats / Stiff Legged Deadlifts
15-20 x 2, rest 90

Day Two:
Dumbell Squats / Lunges
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Leg Extensions / Lying Leg Curls
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Single Leg Dumbell Calf Raises / Dumbell Upright Rows
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Dumbell Calf Raises / Tricep Kickbacks
15-20 x 2, rest 90

Day Three:
Two Arm Bent Over Dumbell Rows / Incline Flys
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Bent Over Lateral Raises / Two Legged Dumbell Calf Raises
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Hammer Curls / Lying Triceps Extensions
15-20 x 2, rest 90
Wide Stance Dumbell Squats / Dumbell Lunges
15-20 x 2, rest 90

After a few weeks, I’ll add a set and increase the weight used for each exercise, and decrease the resting interval from 90 to 60 to 30 seconds. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend The Body Sculpting Bible for Women – it’s where I got this weights routine from, and it very clearly describes and diagrams the proper form and technique for a BUTTLOAD (technical term) of exercises. And look, there’s one for men, too.

Cardio/abs are performed on the non-weight training days, except that I had to combine them today because I skipped yesterday like the slacking slacker that I am. I’m starting to get more specific with my workouts now, since I’ve had a couple of months of working up the habit of incorporating exercise on a consistent basis. Now I have specific goals, have baselined on my weight and measurements, and for the next fourteen weeks will be trying my best to be really disciplined about things.

We shall see. Discipline is not something that I posses in vast quantities.


2 Responses to New Weights Routine

  1. I kind of forgot about everything over here. With all that lifting, you could just paint yourself green and go as the Hulk next Halloween.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    That’s a pretty damned good workout.

    Bitch. I’m stuck with cardio for a while longer before I can get back to the pile. (Though I did do wrist curls with a 3-lb weight in PT today! Woo!)

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