I Ain’t ‘fraid of no Roast

I’ve been working for a little over two weeks now and I’m really happy with what’s happening. My “plan,” if you can call it that, is to count calories and do straight cardio for another twenty pounds or so and then I’ll start adding different things in – weights and all that, to start the toning process. So far I’ve seen about six pounds slide off and have tentatively been trying on some one-size-down pants and been excitedly zipping them up – one of my favorite feelings in the world.

My first test arrives tomorrow. (Note: all dramatics from here on out are for comedic effect; I realize my actions are not going to impact the rotation of Earth and the sun will still rise the next day) We’re headed to a family reunion at my MIL’s cousin’s house. We went last Summer too, and he lives in a beautiful spot right on a river, surrounded by tall bamboo trees and it looks like something out of a magazine. So that’s nice. And even though I don’t know exactly what’s on tap for food choices, based on my extensive research in the field, here’s what the tables will look like:

Salads – not the kind I’ve been eating; more like potato, pasta, jello, anything with a mayo-based dressing

Casseroles – I’ve always said leave it to the South to make a fruit or vegetable fattening; squash, pineapple, broccoli, green bean – anything including cream-of-something soup and a buttery top crust

The usual meats – slabs of beef, ribs, fried chicken (True story: Brian told me early on in the dating he needed me to learn how to fry chicken before we got married. Obviously he was high – I still don’t know how)

Mac & Cheese – deserves its own category

Desserts – despite my raging sweet tooth, I usually do okay in this area, as ice cream is my main weakness and that’s never around these outdoor events, because it wouldn’t survive the heat. Unless someone brings an ice cream churn like they did one other time but let’s not dwell on that. It’ll be mostly sticky gooey cakes and pies and I don’t have a problem skipping those for the most part, though in full disclosure I’ll say I’m happy Princess Time just ended or that could’ve posed a potential terror threat as well.

Beverages – this is a Southern Baptist, tee-totalling family and I’m lucky in that I don’t drink very much either so don’t need to worry that into the calorie equation. But. Sweet tea and soda will rule the day and I have a serious problem with both. For almost a month I’ve drank nothing, NOTHING, but a cup of coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day and I when see that beautiful amber sparkly bubbly liquid poured into a Solo cup over ice (Coke = my crack), I don’t know what I’ll do.

Anyway. I’ve learned by now there are going to be days like this that won’t be ideal. On the other hand, I’m not going to mindlessly chow all day and undo some of the progress I’ve made, nor am I going to beat myself up over indulging in some ridiculous food. My goal is to be mindful and moderate and just enjoy a nice Summer day with the husband and family.

That, and maybe run the sixty miles home afterwards.


11 Responses to I Ain’t ‘fraid of no Roast

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    MMmmmmm. Desserts…the only legitimate reason to attend a Southern family reunion.

  2. crisi-tunity says:

    I wish you all the best of luck with it. I know how hard it is when you’re at a meal where choices are limited.

    Can I make a suggestion about soda? It might not work, but it definitely worked for me. Give it up for a LONG time, entirely, for like a year, and then try it. It will taste disgusting. This really helps you to keep up with not drinking it.

    I know that it will be hard as hell to make it that long, but it’s like smoking – the longer you give it up, the grosser it is when you go back to it, and the easier it is to give it up again.

    • Kimmothy says:

      That is a true goal of mine since I’ve never given it up for longer than a couple of months (I’m counting Diet Coke in the equation because that’s actually been more of a problem in the past five years than regular soda but I don’t want that garbage either).

    • Taoist Biker says:

      I’ve never gone fully cold turkey on the Cokes for that long – I’d still have one when I went to a restaurant or something, etc. – but having been more or less off of them for years at a time, it still tastes pretty good to me.

      I look at it like booze. A time or two a week isn’t going to hurt me. But too much will wreck your body (in different ways, of course) and when you find yourself actually hurting when you stop…as I have on many occasions…that’s when you know it has GOT to stop.

      • crisi-tunity says:

        I agree with you. I gave up soda completely for a combination of reasons, not all of which apply to everyone reading, but if you want to drink them the way they did in the 50’s – as an occasional treat – I don’t think it’s a horrible idea. But for them to really taste horrible, you do have to give them up entirely for a long period, not “more or less”. 🙂

      • Kimmothy says:

        Right; I can’t see ever thinking an ice cold Coke (with crushed ice preferably) in certain situations could ever be gross to me, but the “occasional treat” motto is a good one and I’m trying to apply that to several different items.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Pie is my nemesis. I always say, “Just one bite!” But if I have “just one bite” of seven different pies, well…

    Never been to a family reunion, I must say.

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