Avoiding the Quick Fix

Well I made it through the weekend no worse for the wear, and that even included an unexpected trip to a country buffet restaurant for a Father’s Day lunch yesterday. I balked at first, bitching to Brian, “I made it through the family reunion; now they want us to pig out with them two days in a row?” He reminded me the place had a salad bar (I guess I missed it last time, as mesmerized by the fried chicken and mashed potatoes as I was) and I quickly backtracked, admitting if I’m going to be successful in the long-term as I hope to be, I’m going to have to learn to deal with real-life eating scenarios and that I’m not going to die if I can’t follow my daily routines all the time.

I was amazed by the fact I was able to show some restraint and make wise choices both days. While Brian and everyone else ate with ecstatic abandon, I paid attention to what I put in my mouth and chose only things I really couldn’t live without (pulled pork bbq, lemon pound cake) and the things I did eat, I only ate a few bites of. What a concept. The payoff being the scale reading this morning and still being able to put on clothes I haven’t worn in lo these many months.

I’m not by any means saying I haven’t been tempted by the many quick fixes there are available out there. I know several people on doctor-prescribed diet pills, people who aren’t out walking in the godforsaken heat every day and not counting calories, but who are losing weight anyway. Am I envious at times? Yes. But I’ve always maintained the biggest challenge of this is in each of our minds and I’m not going to begrudge someone their strategy if that’s what they feel is the best choice for themself. For me, I know a pill isn’t the answer (ironic!). For one thing, speed has never been my thing and those pills make me feel like I can feel every hair growing out of my head and like I’ve been hitting the crack pipe a little too hard. Not pleasant.

And I know there are other tricks and sneaky things I can do in order to trick the scale. Pound water! Eat 800 calories! Enjoy a nice laxative shake! Wrap my body in saran wrap before heading out for the daily walk…okay, I may have actually considered that last one, but only for a minute. But I keep reminding myself, zipping up pants and buttoning shirts that don’t leave the dreaded boob-gap are more gratifying than losing a few pounds of temporary water weight.

I realize in this world of instant gratification, I’m going to have to continue to be patient about this. Not one of my strong suits, but hey – I have nothing better to do right now anyway. And six pounds down in two weeks – I’ll take that.


8 Responses to Avoiding the Quick Fix

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    You are doing SO GREAT. There’s so much self-esteem and happiness in these paragraphs. Hooray for you!

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Wait a tick…why is the boob-gap dreaded?

    You’re inspiring, Kim. Keep on rockin’!

    (You too, Crisi-tunity, in case I haven’t told you recently.)

  3. I think moderation is the key to all of this…a little bit of some bad things is better than a lot of bad things. Exercise and moderation. A piece of chicken never killed anyone…unless they choked on the bone…that happens a lot with pork chops.

    I think if someone is SO miserable with what they are eating, they are going to fail. I tried a cold turkey Mt Dew boycott and I hated it. Now, I just cut back to a can a day. Is it “good for me?” Nope.

    But I get some joy out of it.

    It sound like you are happy with the direction you are heading and I am happy for you!!!!

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