Kill Jill

Come on Baby Make it Hurt So Good

Oh hell, here she goes again with the Jillian crap. Please bear with me; I promise I’ll keep it brief.

I have what I consider a fairly significant amount of weight I’d like to lose, as in when all is said and done, hopefully thirty-fiveish pounds. So for now I’m concentrating mostly on cardio in order to shrink a little before I worry about tightening and toning. I love weights, I’ve seen what weights can do for me (and my butt), and I’ll be reuniting with them eventually. For the past month all I’ve pretty much done is walk, with a little jogging thrown in. I call it Bikram Walking, because of how our weather has been for the past month. I’d love to be Bikram Biking but I still don’t yet own a bicycle. I make myself laugh. I can feel Crisitunity’s eye-roll from all the way down here.

Oy, what happened to keeping this brief?

ANYWAY, we all know how much I love the 30DS, but since it uses light weights I’m not interested right now. I went to and started researching other Jillian dvd choices and decided to purchase the one you see above. I figured what a treat it would be to only worry about cardio. I figured after a month of fairly strenuous, hot, hilly, 45 – 60 minute walking sessions I could take this dvd and make it my bitch. I have one thing to say to that: Ha. HAHAHAHA.

Seriously, has it been so long that I forgot what a slave-driving, sadistic psycho she was? Apparently so. This work-out is almost fifty minutes long if you count the warm-up and cool down. You need no equipment (although I’ll probably be purchasing a mat here soon) and not too much space. Please clear your exercise area of all breakables (because of the kicking) and pets (Because of the jumping around. If your pet is like mine he has to be all up in your grill every minute of the day and gets irritated when I’m doing something abnormal).

Did I send her telepathic death threats at various times? Yes. Did I curse myself for not doing something like this sooner? Yes. Did I cry? A little. But, and here’s the big but (pun!) – I felt FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC afterwards. That high-pro glow all those healthy people talk about? I had it. Of course I looked like a bright red, sweaty swamp monster, but still.

I would recommend this to anyone who is interesting in a good old-fashioned self ass-kicking.


13 Responses to Kill Jill

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    I’m laughing, not eye-rolling, at Bikram Walking. That’s totally what you’re doing. But be careful, because he might copyright it and sue you.

    • Kimmothy says:

      Haha! Well you can’t squat on a turnip and get rhubarb pie, so I won’t worry about it too much!!
      (Excuse me; I think the endorphins are still spewing from last night)

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    I’ve actually thought the same thing several times. When I pass the halfway point of my morning run, I’m going by a playground in the park, and some days there are a half-dozen or so women standing or sitting as another woman paces in front of them. It seems pretty clear they’re doing some sort of morning outdoor yoga class, which is very cool.

    Last week I saw them and thought, “Heh. I wonder if they’re thinking, ‘I didn’t sign up for Bikram!'”

    • Kimmothy says:

      Wow, that’s really cool. I wonder how much my confidence would have to increase before I ever attempted anything like that. So far all my exercise has been completely autonomous except for a period of time ten years ago or so I had some gym buddies.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Huh! I’ll have to give that video a try. I want to Kill Jill too (snort!) but the bitch does demand results. Now, how is the vid on the knees?

    • Kimmothy says:

      Oof – I forgot to mention that. There’s a lot of jumping and kicking so I don’t think it actually would be good if you have knee issues. Mine were pretty sore last night and I’ve never had a problem.

      • Tiffany says:

        I think my problem with her 30DS was hamstrings – I overpulled, but my hammies are, like, two inches long.

      • Kimmothy says:

        And someone on a review of this mentioned pulling her hamstring during the warm-up so warned to be careful about that.
        I think a mat will definitely help in my case because I did it on a hardwood floor with nothing but a rug for protection.

  4. She looks like a horse face…could she be related to John Elway?

  5. Kelsey says:

    my comment on your last blog belongs on this one. comment fail.

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