I Love You But GTFO

I’ve been enjoying working out at home with Jillian and all, but as we know variety is the spice of life (especially when you’re not eating very many spices – nevermind, that was just bad). I was looking around yesterday afternoon on the Exercise On Demand channel to see what all was there and was surprised to find a lot of cool stuff. Pretty much anything you’d want from a home work-out is right there on TV, which hello – probably should’ve paid attention to that awhile ago, but I’m here now so okay.

Brian had come home but then gone back out to go check on someone’s yard or whatever; something work-related. I was sitting there flipping through different things when it hit me: he’s not home right now. You are alone, with no eye witnesses but the dog and he doesn’t usually say anything. I didn’t know how long he was going to be gone so I quickly threw on some exercise clothes and sneakers and cranked up “Cardio Boot Camp.” I did a few other things as well, just playing around to try to get a feel for what’s there and also to try to get in an actual workout.

For about forty-five minutes I jumped around and followed whatever they were doing, trying to picture how it would be if Brian was sitting there on the couch like he normally is when I’m doing Jillian (that came out wrong but whatever). I concluded I would’ve felt super dumb. If you’ve ever seen me try to dance, you know a little where I’m coming from. Remember Elaine from Seinfeld? Yeah I wish I was that good. But the thing is, it’s FUN to incorporate a little dancing in with your cardio and I damn sure had fun doing it no matter how stupid it probably looked.

Is it silly for me to be this way? Yes. Does that make it any less real? No.

It’s okay though. From now on my sneakers will be nearby and ready to bust an impromptu move whenever the opportunity presents itself.


4 Responses to I Love You But GTFO

  1. Tiffany says:

    I am EXACTLY the same way. In fact, in planning my new workout schedule for when I go back to work, I purposefully scheduled “workout DVD” on Mondays, the day I work from home, exactly because Bill won’t be home to see me flail around.

    • Kimmothy says:

      I’m SO GLAD to hear it’s not just me! What I really wish is that I could set up another room in the house to be my designated exercise room, but for that to happen we’d have to get rid of a ton of stuff. Which I’m totally fine with doing.

  2. This is exactly why I decided to join a gym. I have always been a fan of working out at home. I’ve been successful going that route before and I believe that you have everything you need without going somewhere else to get it. But I basically have no free time at home. Any uninterrupted time is spent on work, and when I try to work out, the little one and the dog both seem to think its PLAY TIME ON MOMMY!! Running is good, but not in 100+ degrees. My gym is small, women only, and cheap, plus it fills the variety need nicely with classes for yoga, pilates, and ZUMBA! (haven’t tried that last one yet, but they do look like they are sweating up a storm in there). It’s my time away, where I can take an hour and actually think about myself, and what I’m doing for my health. But, Leila and I did do a rousing rendition of “You’ve got to move it, move it” yesterday while jumping around and “dancing”. Quite the cardio workout!

    • Kimmothy says:

      I can totally see that, because I do consider exercise time as “me time” too and “me time” shouldn’t involve any “we time,” whether it’s spouse, child, dog, friend, or even a constantly beeping phone. My outside walks are my favorite right before sunset because it’s usually cooler (relatively speaking) and more often than not I leave the mp3 at home because I love listening to the neighborhood sounds that time of day.
      I’ve heard of Zumba a couple of times in the past few weeks!

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