Wake up!

As I sat here finding myself sliding down in my chair (again), my eyelids gaining weight faster than the rest of me (oh, har!), I thought for some reason about one of my favorite movies, “Over the Hedge.”  I’m on a ‘fun’ kick recently, so I’m not all that surprised that this one popped up from the memory banks.

A few clicks later and then repeated clicks to keep going, I was chair dancing – of a variety that absolutely qualifies for aerobic activity; I will be sore later, lol.  Those in cubicle-ville probably can’t do what I just did, but if not, maybe it would be a fun one for some of you (*cough* ladies) to add to your playlists or just to dance around the house to when you feel the need.

In my case, let’s hear it for working at home, and finally, my vastly uneven basement floor finds some usefulness!

Happy Tuesday to You!

(Not for nothing here, but do y’all realize that I just added “Fun” as a category here?  Hmm.  Maybe we need a collective mental adjustment…?)


4 Responses to Wake up!

  1. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE that movie. Every time I’m introduced to someone named Steve I think to myself (and sometimes say out loud), “It’s a pretty name.”

    I chair dance ALL THE TIME, and sometimes even get up and groove around in the three square centimeters alloted to me. Heck, sometimes I even move out into the isle. My cube neighbors are used to it by now.

  2. Kimmothy says:

    I can now admit to attempting to try dance aerobics in my office. Door closed, obviously.
    I think “fun” is a very good addition to the categories!

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