Taking note

Okay, so I’ve not been the most dedicated of people to my fitness regimen in the last … well okay – ever.

I have been keeping with some regular attempts in the last couple of weeks though, so go me.  I haven’t gone nuts, hasn’t been daily or even every other day.  I have, though, tried for a solid 80% of the time to pay better attention to the food and drink that I’ve been putting in my body, drinking more water, not eating as late (well, maybe I should say “as close to when I go to sleep”) – along those lines.

It also has to be noted though that I’ve also taken to sucking down nigh a bottle of wine per week for each of those weeks.  Granted, it’s some great wine, but still – a bit out of my norm for alcohol consumption since, uh, freshman year of college?

So imagine my giggle today to see that I’d dropped 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks between doctor’s visits?

Apparently I need more wine, more chair dancing, less stress, good food, and more FUN in my life.  Who knew?  🙂  It’s a small victory, but today, it felt bloody fantastic.  Not only was a due a little victory, but it was an affirmation of just trying to be better to myself, to actually care for myself, and seeing that pay off.

Go me.  🙂



7 Responses to Taking note

  1. Tiffany says:

    Go you!!! Though, uh, yeah, easy on the wine there, sister. 🙂 I’m right there with you, though, except IPA’s are my particular brand of poison.

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    A bottle a week? Pshaw! Nothing to worry about! After all, the docs say a glass a day is good for the heart. A bottle holds 5 glasses, so that’s less than a full glass a day. No worries! When Bad Pants and I crack a bottle open, we polish off whatever we didn’t cook with THAT NIGHT. But, we’re sharing!

  3. Bad Pants says:

    Pish, a bottle a week? Call me when you hit a bottle of Jack a week and haven’t seen your keys since the night you woke up in a pair of random guy’s pants that you’ve never seen before.

    I’m not trying to make light of alcoholism, don’t get me wrong, but one bottle a week isn’t problem territory…a bottle a night could be problem territory, but I have to say that even that isn’t any more than at least half the beer habits I know.

    I should admit here that I find post-kid-bedtime sobriety over-rated.

    As long as you can still recognize that there needs to be a line, you’re probably on the right side of it. Don’t worry, we’ll all be here in case you need more advice on locating the lines.

  4. dyskinesia says:

    LOL. Don’t worry – I wasn’t remotely concerned about lush territory there. It was just the ‘zero’ to A BOTTLE and still losing weight that made it worth some notice! 😉

  5. Oregon Sunshine says:

    There is a point where you have to actually consume MORE calories in order to continue to lose weight. Perhaps that’s what happened? Regardless, that’s awesome! Just remember to keep it red so you’re doing something healthy for your heart too!

    • Tiffany says:

      Okay, WHY is it that red wine is supposed to be so much better for you than white? And where do blushes fall on the good—-bad scale?

      • Oregon Sunshine says:

        Red wine contains heart healthy tanins. Meaning, grape juice and black tea are also good for us. What they help with, I don’t remember just ATM. Blushes are probably closer to whites on the scale.

        It’s the tanins that some people have a hard time with, especially some migraine sufferers. But in that case, they should have a hard time with tea and grape juice too.

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