August 18, 2009

Like most of you, I threw caution to the wind during my (too brief) vacation.  I bought junk food at the grocery store, and I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies before the trip that ended up FAR bigger than I intended.  Or that any rational human being would ever prepare at one time for a family of three.

I told all of y’all not to feel guilty about it, and b’gawd, I’m not going to feel guilty about it, either. I’ll probably pay for it in a few different ways, but I won’t feel guilty about it.

On the plus side, we walked quite a bit in less-than-comfy temperatures and mostly survived.   (Poor Dys’s Viking ancestry did NOT prepare her for this sort of weather.  On the other hand, our son has a better than average chance of looking like Alexander Skarsgård because of said heritage.  Pick your poison.)

As it turns out, all day Saturday I was wearing my belt on the tightest notch…and I didn’t notice until day’s end.  That’s a minor victory.  I’m not sure I could wear it on that notch today, but hey, it’s within striking range…


We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

July 5, 2009

That sometimes the scale isn’t going to say what we expect.

The past two Sunday mornings have been a pleasant surprise and so it was with excited anticipation I stepped up on it a few minutes ago…and couldn’t believe what I saw, so moved it to a different spot on the floor and did it again. Same reading. How can a scale that’s less than a month old be broken already?
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Fireworks in Mah Belleh

July 3, 2009

Well, thanks to TB shaming us all opening up the opportunity, I think I’m just about ready to have Brian take some Before pictures of me. I haven’t decided on my attire for them just yet, but I can tell you one thing – the sports bra I just bought (what I  lovingly refer to as the Medieval Boob Pincher of Doom) is not going to be as prominently displayed as what I’d first planned. Maybe. I don’t know – can you tell I’m still a little indecisive about this?
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